Heavy. Metal.

Cyberman #1: “We have apprehended a small group of furry hackers. Awaiting further instructions.”
Chaplin: “They’re ‘ever so nice’, eh, Lulu?”
Lulu: “Well in my defense, they did tell me I was pretty.”
Spicoli: “Psst. You metal dudes didn’t happen to bring any Doritos, did you?”
Cyberman #2: “No. Go away.”

Cyberman Leader (on phone): “What do you mean, furry hackers? Are they cosplayers?”
Cyberman #1: “Negative. They are actual furries.”
Spicoli: “I’ll take potato chips if you have those. Or corn chips.”
Cyberman #2: “We only have computer chips.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Excuse me, I couldn’t help but notice that your headgear is different from the others. Why is that?”
Cyberman #3: “I am a big fan of the Squeekles. I have tried to get the other cyber authorities to join my tribute band but they will not do so.”
Charlee: “Mouse! What are you doing here?”
Mouse: “I never turned off Chaplin’s microchip tracker but I suddenly stopped getting readings from it, so I thought I would come to its last known location.”

Cyberman Leader: “Actual furries are cosplayers. Therefore your prisoners must be cosplayers.”
Cyberman #1: “Negative. These furries are animals.”
Spicoli: “What flavor computer chips?”
Cyberman #2: “Silicon.”
Mr. Nibbles: “That’s a shame. My friends here are also big fans of the Squeekles. I bet they would join your band if they weren’t in this cage.”
Cyberman #3: “Do you really think so?”
Lulu: “Can you get us out of this crate?”
Mouse: “It’s not a crate, it’s a Faraday cage. And of course I can get you out of it. The electronic lock only has 100,000 combinations. Piece of cake. Except I can’t reach it.”

Cyberman Leader: “Furries are by definition animals. Therefore they are furries.”
Cyberman #1: “I am glad we cleared that up.”
Spicoli: “Can you describe the flavor? I haven’t had silicon chips before.”
Cyberman #2: “They probably taste like the wafers in which they are embedded.”
Spicoli: “Dude! You get wafers with them? Sold!”
Cyberman #3: “Being in a Squeekles cover band would be a dream come true.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Definitely.”
Mouse: “If only there were someone who could give me a boost …”
Producer Smurf: “Hey, who smurfed off the wifi? I was in the middle of smurfing ‘The Blue Lagoon’ when it froze on me.”

Cyberman Leader: “Have the furries remove their costumes. They may be carrying contraband.”
Cyberman #1: “They are not wearing costumes. They are actually furry.”
Cyberman #2: “If I give you my silicon chips will you go away and stop bothering me?”
Spicoli: “Of course.”
Producer Smurf: “Careful where you smurf your feet! Your little mouse claws tickle!”
Mouse: “Bingo!”
Cyberman #3: “Come on, fellow Squeekles fans. To freedom!”

Cyberman Leader: “Have them remove their fur, then.”
Cyberman #1: “Oh very well.”
Spicoli: “Not bad. They could use some nacho flavoring though.”
Cyberman #3: “The first thing we must do is get you all wigs.”
Mouse: “Why on earth were you watching ‘The Blue Lagoon’, anyway?”
Producer Smurf: “I thought there were going to be smurfs in it.”

Cyberman #1: “Where did they go?”
Spoicoli: “Dude. There’s no smoking in this house. Trust me, I’ve asked.”

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