Cybersqueekle: “The costume shop is this way.”
Lulu: “Everyone keep an eye out. I’m pretty sure this is the same mall where that Paul Blart guy stole my car.”
Producer Smurf (into phone): “No, I didn’t smurf the band played heavy metal, I smurfed that one of the members is metal.”

Mouse: “This is some excellent nest-lining material.”
Producer Smurf: “No, he doesn’t smurf songs from ‘The Wizard of Oz’. He’s not the Tin Man. Um, wait, hang on. You’re not the Tin Man, are you?”
Cybersqueekle: “No. My exoskeleton is composed of a mixture of titanium alloys and applied phlebotinum.”
Lulu: “I feel like these mannequins are going to follow us home and just stand silently outside our windows all night.”
Chaplin: “You’re starting to sound like Dennis.”
Charlee: “Actually, I agree with Lulu. Let’s keep moving.”

Producer Smurf: “No, there aren’t any flying monkeys in the band. Why would there be flying monkeys?”
Cybersqueekle: “We will need three of the short-haired one. One dog-sized, two cat-sized.”
Lulu: “This trip is going to give me nightmares for weeks. I’d rather go to the vet.”
Charlee: “I’m not sure which is worse, the one with eyes or the ones without eyes.”
Chaplin: “You’re both being silly. They’re perfectly harmless pieces of plastic.”

Cybersqueekle: “The male cat is correct. There is nothing to fear from mannequins. Now come along to the fitting room.”
Lulu: “I still think they’re creepy.”
Producer Smurf: “I already told you, they don’t smurf ‘Wizard of Oz’ songs!”

Mannequin Head: “They went to the fitting room.”

14 thoughts on “Mallcats

  1. They ARE creepy! If you see shadows at your windows tonight guys you’ll know it’s the mannequins coming to haunt you and take back their wigs that we KNOW you are trying to hide under your fur to steal! xx


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