Rave Review

Emcee: “Thank you, Glitter Dogs tribute band the Rhinestone Rhodesians! And now put your hands together for Squeekles tribute band the Mopp Topps!”
Mr. Nibbles: “All right, you’re on. Now just remember, don’t be nervous, even though there’s going to be hundreds of people staring at you.”
Chaplin: “Pffft. We can ignore hundreds of people just as easily as we ignore one.”
Lulu: “Oh boy! People? I love people! Will they give me belly rubs?”
Cybersqueekle: “It will be fine. My emotional circuitry is disabled in firmware.”
Producer Smurf: “What a smurfy crowd! This could finally be my big break as a producer! I need to get some merchandise made up to sell!”
Mouse: “Excuse me, I think I see someone I know out there.”

Neo: “So do you girls come to a lot of raves?”

Lulu: “Hello, I’m with the band. Could I trouble you for a belly rub?”
Rave Attendee: “This group doesn’t sound like the Squeekles at all.”
Mouse: “Neo, you and I need to have a little talk.”
Neo: “Not now, mouse, I’m talking to the groupies.”

Mouse: “So listen, Neo, I don’t care how you do it, but you have to get the cyber authorities interested in something other than my friends and me.”
Neo: “Sorry, mouse, I have to go. We’re under attack by hunter-killer drones.”
Mouse: “That excuse doesn’t work when I’m sitting right on your shoulder.”

Just then …

Cyberman #1: “Good work, drones. You have apprehended a notorious techno-mastermind. As well as his associate, Neo.”
Neo: “Sorry, mouse, I have to go. We’ve been infiltrated by the cyber authorities.”
Mouse: “Don’t you people have any security?”
Rave Attendee: “Also, they’re overdoing it on the smoke machine.”

9 thoughts on “Rave Review

  1. Wooooo rave time! Who would have thought that the Rhinestone Rhodesians & Mopp Topps would be centre stage for techo-masterminds, choking ravers out with smoke machines & Neo in the crowd!


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