Based on a True Story

Charlee: “Vermin, have you seen Chaplin around?”
Vermin: “HISSS! It wasn’t my turn to watch him! Check the job roster, you’ll see! And don’t call me Vermin!”

Charlee: “Lulu, have you seen Chaplin around?”
Lulu: “Mama and Dada took him to the vet to get scoped for his eating problem. He was there all day but I think he’s back now.”
Charlee: “All day at the vet again? Poor Chaplin!”

Meanwhile …

Chaplin: “… so then the vet said the intestinal biopsy showed inflammation in the lining, which means I have something called IBD and get to go on a special limited protein diet. I’m hoping I’ll get grilled salmon every night!”
Mouse: “I think you might be taking this whole ‘My name is Chaplin and I’m Tucker reincarnated as a cat’ thing a little too far.”

Chaplin: “Oh, hi, Charlee. Hey, let me tell you all about how I got probed at the vet.”

Chaplin: “Charlee?”
Charlee: “This cat doesn’t smell like Chaplin.”

Charlee: “HISSSSSSS!”

Chaplin: “What did she do that for?”
Mouse: “I guess that’s the kind of reaction you can expect when you start out a conversation with ‘Let me tell you all about how I got probed.'”

14 thoughts on “Based on a True Story

  1. Oh no! Not IBD! (That doesn’t stand for I Be Dog, does it?) We think it a whole lot worse than that, especially for a CAT. At least we think your still a cat, unless you really are Tucker, and then, then, we can’t get our heads around that.
    And Charlee, stop over-reacting. It’s your brother (we think).


  2. Oh, Chaplin, we pups know from petcretary all about that IBD mess in the guts…we hope you’ll be fine and wanting to eat all the day long…each and every day. You are so young, yet!

    POTP for you!

    Charlee, be nice to your brofur, OK?!

    (Petcretary hand fed Minko for three years, because he absolutely would NOT eat…(though he loved to chew on cords and cardboard boxes..go figure.), from about age ten till almost 13…and Pipo showed signs of that, too in his last year or so, but he was almost 16.


  3. Oh no, Chaplin. You really don’t want to have that IBD stuff. So take your meds and follow the “prober’s” orders so you can be well again.

    Happy Dr. Seuss Day!!!

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  4. Definitely work on the grilled salmon every night thing! Although it might be polite to share a bit with your sibling. (Or so I’ve been told – Fi always shared some of her special foodables with us…)

    *kissey face*
    -Lucy-Fur and Crazy Daisy


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