Alterant Replicant

Charlee: “Lulu! Spicoli! The vet stole Chaplin and replaced him with an exact replica!”
Spicoli: “Dude, that sounds like the sort of paranoid thing Dennis might have said back in the day.”
Charlee: “I know! And look how often Dennis was right about those things!”
Spicoli: “Uh, yeah, dude. Just look.”

Lulu: “If it’s an exact replica of Chaplin then how did you detect it?”
Charlee: “Because it has a funny odor! The vet failed to take into account our superior sense of smell.”
Lulu: “I see. And what would be the point of sending back a replica instead of the actual Chaplin?”
Charlee: “Profit!”
Spicoli: “Profit how?”
Charlee: “Ummm …”

Vermin: “HISSS! They’re probably running a secret pet cloning operation where they make copies of the most handsomest animals and sell them for top dollar to rich investors. They must have accidentally sent back a clone of Chaplin instead of the original.”
Charlee: “Ooh! Yes! Vermin is right! That must be it!”

Chaplin: “Did someone just say Vermin was right about something?”
Charlee: “HISSSSS!”

Chaplin: “She sure is acting weird since I got back.”
Vermin: “HISSS! Maybe she’s not Charlee at all! Maybe it’s an exact replica!”
Chaplin: “Hmm, that would explain it …”
Lulu: “Vermin, you’re not helping.”
Vermin: “HISSS! Who says I’m trying to help?”

12 thoughts on “Alterant Replicant

  1. Awww, Chaplin…that used to happen here a lot, too…so petcretary would take a towel/blankie with the not gone to the vet’s kitty smells on them and rub it all over both of them…ans then she would take another one full of the offending smells and rub THAT on the not gone to the vet kitty…it confused them both so much they gave up and began to be ‘normal’ again…or I just took both to the vet, even if only one had to see said person.

    Mistaken for intruders is not fun…and all the hissie fits are awful…but your idea of coning isn’t too far fetched these days of anything can happen!


  2. Well, a cat going willingly to the vet would certainly be an unprecedented phenomenon . . . even if it’s with the ulterior motive of ferreting out a clandestine cloning scheme!


  3. Vermin, I thinks you needs a time out….
    Cloned kittehs?? Yeah, I thinks if they were to clone anyfur, it would be a doggie! I hears lots of them have been doggie-napped lately! (you’re safe Lu, they are only doggie-nappin’ small doggies 😉)
    Ruby ♥


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