Observed Around The Board Room

Mouse: “… So as you can see, I’ve performed a thorough examination and analysis of Chaplin’s genetic makeup and I can confirm that this is really him, not some sort of replicant or alien impersonator.”
Spicoli: “That imagery is a little bit terrifying, dude.”

Charlee: “Well, I mean, it has an impressive number of graphs and stuff, so it seems believable …”
Mouse: “I’m glad to hear it. So you’ll stop hissing at him now?”
Charlee: “I suppose so. Until the next time he decides to jump on me and hold me down and make me squawk until Mama or Dada comes to rescue me.”
Chaplin: “Also known as ‘good clean fun’.”

Vermin: “HISSS! Not so fast, mouse! How do we know you didn’t just make that picture up with PhotoShop? What kind of tests did you run on so-called Chaplin, anyway?”
Mouse: “A CAT scan, of course.”

Mouse: “Oh as if you didn’t all know THAT was coming.”

10 thoughts on “Observed Around The Board Room

  1. Bwahahahaha, since the voice who instructs me when to hold my breath during a CAT scan is completely disembodied, it may well be a mouse! Who knew!?


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