Lulu’s Life Tips: It’s Fun to Run, but Stop for Pop

Hello friendlies! Lulu here! You may remember a recent life tip of mine to run in the space you have, and while that was and remains good advice, I would also like to remind you that sometimes it’s good top stop running so you can get a nice little chin skritch or two.

Mr. Nibbles: “Fun fact: If you were in Rochester, ‘stop for pop’ would mean you’re getting a soda. Which might also be something you would to after all that running.”
Lulu: “What would I do with a soda?”
Charlee: “Burp, most likely.”

16 thoughts on “Lulu’s Life Tips: It’s Fun to Run, but Stop for Pop

  1. Oh, Lulu, you sure were having fun running all over your yard. It’s always nice to stop once in a while for some scritches.

    We assume that you mean Rochester, NY (since it’s where we live) but according to that map the use of the word “pop” is true for Rochester, Michigan or Minnesota too.


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