On The Twitter

Lulu: “What are you two doing?”
Charle: “Oh we’re just looking at the Twitter.”
Chaplin: “It’s not ‘the’ Twitter, Charlee, it’s just Twitter. Like how it’s not ‘the’ Batman, it’s just Batman.”

Lulu: “You guys are on the Twitter?”
Chaplin: “It’s not ‘the’ Twitter, it’s just Twitter.”
Charlee: “Yes. We joined because we thought it would be pictures and videos of birds, but turns out it’s mostly humans arguing about stupid stuff, like whether it should be ‘Batman’ or ‘The Batman’.”

Lulu: “Well what are you reading on the Twitter now?”
Charlee: “Apparently someone from a band called Maroon 5 is lamenting that there are no bands anymore, and people in other bands are confused about what he means since they are in bands.”
Chaplin: “There’s this other band called Garbage who asked him, ‘What are we, cats?'”

Lulu: “This seems like something we need to get involved in, doesn’t it?”
Chaplin: “Uh-huh. We have questions.”
Charlee: “Definitely.”

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