There’s a Controversy on the Internet

Vermin: “HISS! Why are we having another meeting already? I didn’t sign up to sit through wall to wall meetings!”
Mouse: “You realize you’re free to leave any time, right?”
Lulu: “This isn’t a meeting, it’s a brainstorming session to decide what we should do about a controversy on the Internet.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Can’t we just ignore it?”

Vermin: “HISS! Who are they? They look like the usual suspects. Which one is Keyser Söze?”
Lulu: “This is a band called Maroon 5. The lead singer was quoted as saying he feels like there aren’t any bands anymore.”
Mr. Nibbles: “This still seems like something we could safely ignore.”

Lulu: “I’ll let the Hipsters present the next item.”
Charlee: “This is a response on the Twitter from a band called Garbage asking if they’re not a band, what are they? Cats?”
Chaplin: “So obviously what we need to find out here is …”
Spicoli: “I think I see where you dudes are going with this …”

Lulu: “What kind of name is ‘Maroon 5’, exactly? Is it a description of five maroon people, or is it a secret command to maroon five people on an island somewhere?”
Charlee: “Are the members of Garbage secretly cats?”
Chaplin: “Can we use the example of Batman to prove Charlee is wrong when she insists on calling it ‘The Twitter’ instead of just ‘Twitter’?”

Producer Smurf: “The three of you should really smurf up your agendas before you smurf a meeting.”
Chaplin: “Why would a band be issuing secret commands to strand people on islands?”
Charlee: “The Batman hasn’t got anything to do with the Twitter. Now, if you wanted to talk about the Robin, that’d be another story.”
Lulu: “Garbage can’t be cats. How would they play their guitars without thumbs?”
Mouse: “Okay, so maybe this particular meeting was a big waste of time.”
Vermin: “HISS! Actually, now I’m starting to enjoy it.”

10 thoughts on “There’s a Controversy on the Internet

  1. Mom says this meeting reminds her of meetings when she used to work in the insurance world – everyone had something to say and nothing got done:) But we are sure this group is going to find answers one way or another.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

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