Overheard Around the House

Chaplin: “What have you found out about the members of Garbage from watching their videos? Are they cats?”
Charlee: “Still not sure. They’re only happy when it rains, which is evidence against. But apparently they’re nocturnal thieves, which is evidence for.”
Chaplin: “So what’s your next move?”
Charlee: “I was thinking I would track them down in person and run some tests. Maybe I’ll try hissing at them or bouncing a toy on a string in front of them to see what they do.”

Later …

Chaplin: “What have you found out about the name of that band, Maroon 5?”
Lulu: “I’m pretty sure it’s a reference to these castaways who were marooned on that island 50 years ago.”
Chaplin: “But I count seven castaways, not five.”
Lulu: “Yes, exactly! My theory is that two of them conspired to maroon the other five, but they accidentally got stuck on the island too.”
Chaplin: “And you think the band knows this and is trying to tell us all about it for some reason?”
Lulu: “It sure seems like it. If there’s a more plausible explanation, I don’t know what it could be. But my investigation continues!”

Later still …

Ed Nygma: “So are your sisters ready to participate in your investigation?”
Chaplin: “No, they’re both still obsessed with their own cockamamie theories instead of the really important question of whether it’s ‘Twitter’ or ‘The Twitter’ and how that relates to its being ‘Batman’ or ‘The Batman’.”
Ed Nygma: “Good thing you’ve got me to help you solve that riddle, then.”

9 thoughts on “Overheard Around the House

  1. Y’all crack us up. We’re voting for just Twitter like it’s Facebook, not The Facebook. But it is The Donald, and he always used The Twitter, so now weren’t sure….XOX Lucy and Xena


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