Touring the Facility

Chaplin: “So what’s the first thing we should do?”
Ed Nygma: “Well to get started, why don’t you show me around your lair?”
Chaplin: “Uh, okay, sure.”

Chaplin: “So this is the backyard.”
Ed Nygma: “Uh-huh. Green. Mostly. I approve.”

Chaplin: “And this is the front yard.”
Ed Nygma: “Uh-huh, yes, I came in this way so I already saw it.”

Chaplin: “And this is one of my hammocks where I like to hang out.”
Ed Nygma: “This is all very interesting, but where is your secret lair? You can’t investigate Batman if you don’t have a secret lair.”
Chaplin: “Ohh, gotcha. I sure do have a secret lair.”

Chaplin: “This is my secret lair. What do you think?”
Ed Nygma: “Seems a little small, unless maybe you’re Mr. Mxyzpltk.”
Chaplin: “Gesundheit.”

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