Lulu’s Practical Dog’s Guide To Keeping Humans Entertained

Hello friendlies! Lulu here! You may remember that, a while back, I posted a how-to on converting cardboard boxes and similar items into jigsaw puzzles for your humans to assemble. Almost one year on, your humans may have gotten tired of the mental effort that puzzles require, and they may be looking for some other way to relax as we move into another summer. Fortunately, I have just the solution: Take some time out of your busy schedule to play with them!

Chaplin: “What is a dog’s schedule busy with, exactly?”
Lulu: “Oh, you know. Sleeping. Eating. Personal hygiene. Barking. Chasing squirrels. The usual.”
Charlee: “You’re more ambitious than we are.”

If you’re not sure how to get your human to play with you, I can help! Just watch my handy instructional video, in which I entice Dada to play by prancing around with my paws in the air and shoving my face into the floor as if I were a vacuum cleaner.

Playing with your human is a great way to help them relax and burn off some energy. Remember, a tired human is a good human!

Charlee: “In our experience, a tired human is a crabby human.”
Lulu: “That’s mainly because they aren’t smart enough to go to bed when they should. Maybe I’ll do a future installment on ‘How to make sure your human gets enough sleep’.”
Mouse: “If you figure that out, patent it. You’ll make more money than Dennis ever did from all his get-rich-quick schemes combined.”
Mr. Nibbles: “And since the sum total that Dennis made from his get-rich-quick schemes was $0, that’s a good, achievable goal. Well done, friend Mouse!”

Until next time, this is Lulu, rolling over and out!

13 thoughts on “Lulu’s Practical Dog’s Guide To Keeping Humans Entertained

  1. Lulu, you should do a Dummy’s Guide To Tiring Out Your Human. It’ll be a bestseller. Afterall, a human is for life, not just for Christmas; they need to be watered, exercised & looked after.

    (PS. LOVE the video, so sweet!)


  2. Your dad is AWESOME! What a terrific player!
    We LOVE to play those kinds of games with our Mom. She is old, so when she is down on the floor, it is hard for her to get up! She has to roll over into her hands and knees. This is when we get Cinnamon to smell her butt! Then one of us cats tries to comb her hair, she falls over and it is the Doggie Face wash time!!! That leaves Mom giggling and in a heap until our human brother uses a crane to hoist her off the floor! Don’t tell her that we told you…

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  3. Mew mew mew what a grate video Lulu!! Yore rite that exercisin our Hu’manss iss a furry guud idea! Mee playss toyss with LadyMew beefore bedtime so shee iss tired out. Shee thinkss shee iss playin toyss to tire mee out, mew mew mew…..
    An wee BOTH agree that yore Hu’Man Mistur Jamess looks furabuluss!!!
    Well dun Lulu….
    ***purrss*** BellaDahrma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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