Backstage Pass

Roadie: “What are you two doing here?”
Charlee: “We’re just trying to get into the dressing room. Can you let us in?”

Roadie: “Are you with the band?”
Charlee: “Yes, yes we are with the band.”

Roadie: “If you’re with the band, what are your roles?”
Charlee: “I sing, and my friend there plays the mouse sticks.”

Roadie: “I don’t believe I’ve heard of the mouse sticks. What kind of instrument is that?”
Catwoman: “It’s in the rhythm section. I play them by swatting them against my thigh.”
Charlee: “So can you let us in or what?”
Roadie: “I think you had better come with me.”

Soon …

Roadie: “I think you ladies will find that this is your correct dessing room.”
Charlee: “The plot thickens!”

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