Hello Kitties

Alan Mayberry: “Hmm, that’s funny, there’s no one at the door.”
Charlee: “I’m down here.”
Catwoman: “Me-ow!”

Alan Mayberry: “Well, hello, kitty. If you’re looking for an autograph from the band, I’m sorry, but there was an incident at a recent Starship promotional event and they were accidentally launched into space again. Now the three of them are marooned up there, along with their manager and his mean old sister.”
Charlee: “So Josie and the Pussycats are marooned in space? And there are five of them aboard this ship?”
Alan Mayberry: “Yes, that’s right. I was supposed to be there too but I had tied my neckerchief too tight and passed out.”
Catwoman: “Oh you poor thing. You must feel terrible about that. Let me into the dressing room and you can tell me all about it.”

Charlee: “What just happened?”

Catwoman: “So tell me, have you ever considered dressing up like a giant bat?”
Alan Mayberry: “Sure, sometimes.”
Charlee: “The plot thickens even more! I have to find Lulu. But first, I need to leave Catwoman a bad review on TaskRabbit.”

Meanwhile …

Lulu: “Wheeeeee!”

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