Batman And …

Robin: “Holy sunken boat, Batman!”
Batman: “What have I told you about making stupid ‘holy’ puns, Robin?”
Robin: “Sorry, Batman.”
Batman: “That’s all right. Let’s get this lettle vessel towed up onto the beach for inspection.”

Lulu: “Hey how come your sidekick is named after a bird and not some other kind of flying mammal?”
Batman: “There aren’t a lot of flying mammal naming options.”
Lulu: “There area few though! What about ‘Flying Squirrel’? Or ‘Sugar Glider’?”
Batman: “Hmm, ‘Batman and Sugar Glider’ …”
Robin: “But I don’t want to be ‘Sugar Glider’!”
Lulu: “Why not? Have you ever seen a sugar glider? They’re adorable.”

Batman: “So what do you think, Sugar Glider?”
Sugar Glider: “I think it weirds me out to be called ‘Sugar Glider’.”
Lulu: “So supposedly a millionaire and a movie star were passengers for a three-hour tour? I don’t believe either one would ever set foot on this dinky little boat. Those would be my prie suspects for intentionally marooning the other five.”
Batman: “Rumor has it they’re still here. Let’s sneak up the beach for a look at their compound.”

Soon …

Batman: “What do you think, Sugar Glider?”
Sugar Glider: “Please don’t call me Sugar Glider. Nobody is going to take me seriously if I have a code name like that.”
Batman: “Oh, don’t worry about that. Nobody takes you seriously now.”
Lulu: “This so-called ‘deserted island’ looks a lot like a Pier 1 test marketing facility.”

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