Lulu’s Life Tips: Don’t Listen to the Doubters

Hello friendlies! Lulu here with another life tip! This week, I would just like to tell all you dogs and cats out there: Don’t listen to the doubters! If you know what you want, go for it!

Charlee: “Listening to doubters is not generally a habit that we cats have.”
Lulu: “Is that because you’re tiny little sociopaths?”
Chaplin: “Of course not. We’re just very confident, that’s all.”

Hmm … I’m not sure it’s really the case that cats are just confident and are not, in fact, tiny sociopaths. Let’s check some of the video evidence.

Chaplin: “Okay, so that ONE cat is a sociopath. That’s a pretty small sample size.”
Lulu: “Wait, I’ve got more.”
Charlee: “That mostly looks like perfectly normal behavior to us.”
Lulu: “Cats of a feather …”
Mr. Nibbles: “Lulu, you should probably just let everyone see your own video about remaining confident in the face of doubt rather than getting sidetracked with TikTok videos about cats being cats.”
Chaplin: “Yeah, Lulu, don’t be such a slave to the algorithm.”
Lulu: “My bad.”

Sorry about that, friendlies! I got sucked in a little there. Good thing I didn’t click on any of those videos about otters drinking sparkling water and whatnot. Anyway! While cats might not be susceptible to the influence of doubters, others might, and I’m here to tell you—and show you—that if you know you’re right, stick to your convictions, and eventually you will be vindicated. Just watch!

So there you have it, friendlies: Persist, and you will be rewarded! This is Lulu, rolling over and out!

Charlee: “We couldn’t help but notice that the critter was on the outside of the fence and you were on the inside of the fence.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Yes but that’s not the point, Charlee. The point is that Lulu knew there was a critter and she kept looking for it until she flushed it out.”
Chaplin: “Seems to us the point is the critter got away.”
Squirrel: “Darn tootin’!”

10 thoughts on “Lulu’s Life Tips: Don’t Listen to the Doubters

  1. We are SOOOOO in awe of your phloofiness!!! We give it a a TWO KHATZ up!

    Hoppy Easter!

    All Of Us At NAK’s Khottage
    PeeEssWoo: Will we see The Doubters on Dada’s Playlist today?


  2. You are so right, Lulu. Whenever we bark at something we see outside our windows our pawrents try to tell us we are barking at nothing but we always see something worthy of barking at.


  3. Oh, don’t EVERS…and I means EVERS, doubt a doggies nose! You’ll just be embarrASSed! 😂🤣😂
    Good work Lu!
    (and yes, kittehs are all sociopaths’….BOL!)
    HAPPY EASTER! I hopes you found some eggs
    Ruby ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Innterestin videoss….Lulu you have proven SUM fee-liness can bee a bit ‘out there’….
    Even mee doess THE odd weerd thing….like jumpin from THE one set of kitchen cupberdss to THE other set …there iss a B-I-G chasm ‘tween cupberdss an a stove!
    LadyMew sayss mee givess her ‘kitty fitss’….mew mew mew …nothin to see here…all purrfectlee normal rite Charlee an Chaplin?
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

    Liked by 1 person

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