Observed Around The Deserted Island

Lulu: “So what do you think, Mr. Batman?”
Batman: “I think I’m going to send Sugar Glider up this tree to fetch me down some mangoes. They look perfectly ripe.”
Sugar Glider: “You’re really going to keep calling me ‘Sugar Glider’?”
Batman: “Could be worse. I could be calling you ‘Martian Manhunter’.”

Lulu: “I’m sure the mangoes are very tasty but I meant what do you think about the castaways and Maroon 5? My theory is that the millionaire owns Pier 1 and conspired with the washed-up movie star to make a reality show set on this island advertising Pier 1 products while simultaneously rejuvenating the movie star’s career.”
Batman: “That’s quite a theory, Dog Wonder, but it makes sense given the available evidence. Not those mangoes, Sugar Glider! The ones higher up, in the sun!”
Sugar Glider: “Did you just call her the ‘Dog Wonder’?”
Bat-Phone: Chirp Chirp!
Batman: “Can’t talk now, Sugar Glider, I’ve got a call coming in on the Bat-Phone!”

Batman: “You’ve reached Batman. What’s your emergency?”
Charlee: “Hi, this is Charlee. Can I talk to Lulu?”
Batman: “How did you get this number?”
Charlee: “Catwoman gave it to me. She also said to tell you she’s borrowing one of your costumes.”
Lulu: “You carry around a mobile rotary phone with a cord? Where do you keep it?”
Batman: “I have many large pockets.”
Sugar Glider: “These branches are getting pretty thin up here!”

Batman: “Okay, you’re on the Bat-Speaker. Go ahead.”
Charlee: “Lulu, it’s Charlee. Hey I just found out that there’s a band called Josie and the Pussycats, there are five of them, and they’re marooned in space. The whole desert island thing is a red herring!”
Lulu: “Wow! Good work, Charlee! Batman, let’s go!”
Batman: “To the Bat-Speedboat, Dog Wonder!”
Sugar Glider: “I’m tossing down a mango! Try it out and see if it’s ripe!”

Gilligan: “Ow!”
Lulu: “Wheeeeee!”

Later …

Sugar Glider: “… And then they just took off and left me marooned here!”
Professor: “It happens to us all the time, Sugar Glider.”

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