Launch Pawty

Charlee: “Thanks for getting here so fast, Lulu! This is where Josie and the Pussycats were supposed to perform when they got shot into space.”
Lulu: “Don’t thank me, thank Batman. He drives like a maniac. Come on, Batman, let’s go inside!”
Batman: “Just a minute, Dog Wonder! First I want to use my Batphone to take a selfie with the launch platform in the background.”
Charlee: “Lulu, is your friend there trying to take a selfie using an analog phone handset?”
Lulu: “Yes, he is. It’s best just to nod and go along with him.”

A few selfies later …

Batman: “Welcome, heroes, to the first meeting of the new Justice League. I am Batman, your leader. I suppose you’re wondering why I assembled you here today.”
Charlee: “Actually I’m wondering how these interlocking ring thingies are defying gravity when they’re not cats.”
Lulu: “And I’m wondering why I don’t smell snacks or pancakes if they had unlimited free snacks and pancakes.”
Batman: “All right you two let’s try to stay focused on the important question at hand: Do we rename ourselves ‘Batman’s Justice League’ or ‘Justice League by Batman’ or something else entirely, like ‘Batman and his Sidekicks’?”

Janitor: “I can tell you why you don’t smell any pancakes. Someone stole all the snacks and the Bisquick before the caterers had a chance to make them. Then that kid who was supposed to open for Josie and the Pussycats suggested they all take the Starship out to the convenience store to buy more snacks and Bisquick, but it actually launched after the band was aboard. So the kid performed his set all by himself and left, and then everyone went home.”
Charlee: “Did you hear that, Lulu? Stolen snacks! You know who we need to talk to now.”
Lulu: “I sure do. Let’s go!”

Batman: “You seem like a man who knows many things. Would you like to join my new team, ‘Batman’s League + Justice’?”
Janitor: “Maybe. What does your team play, shuffleboard?”

6 thoughts on “Launch Pawty

  1. I’d like to join the League too, I’ve never played shuffleboard.
    Batman trying to take selfies made me remember this cute video online I saw a few months ago. A mother gave her little girl an analogue, old style phone. The girl didn’t have a clue what it was and was holding it in front of her trying to take a photo 😂


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