Well That Clears Things Up

Chaplin: “So you’re saying I have to watch this entire movie and it will give me the answer to whether it’s ‘Batman’ or ‘The Batman’?”
Ed Nygma: “Correct.”
Chaplin: “What was the point of my showing you all around the house and revealing our secret lair in the basement?”
Ed Nygma: “To make sure you had room to store all the snacks we’ll need to make it through the film.”
Spicoli: “Did I hear someone say ‘snacks’?”

Chaplin: “You filled up our secret lair with snacks?”
Ed Nygma: “Correct.”
Chaplin: “How long is this movie, exactly?”
Ed Nygma: “Riddle me this: What is at the beginning of eternity, and at the end of time and space?”
Chaplin: “The letter ‘E’?”
Ed Nygma: “Wrong. That was a two-part riddle. The answers are, respectively, the opening credits and the ending credits of the new version of Justice League. Let’s begin.”

A few hours later …

A few hours after that …

And a few hours after that …

Chaplin: “Well that didn’t clear things up at all, Ed. Sometimes theys aid ‘Batman’, sometimes they said ‘The Batman’, and one time they even said ‘The Aquaman’ instead of just ‘Aquaman’.”

Chaplin: “Wait … Are you trying to tell me that it doesn’t really matter if we use ‘The’ or not?”

Chaplin: “Ed … ?”

Meanwhile …

Ed Nygma: “You’re not supposed to be down here. What’s the meaning of this?”
Spicoli: “I could ask you the same thing, dude. I mean, most of these are good snack choices, but Bisquick? Really? Are you planning to make pancakes?”

9 thoughts on “Well That Clears Things Up

  1. Hmmmmm…We think it is just Batman…cause the Bat Man would be two words….,right?? But we’re good either way if there are lots of snacks!


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