The Mystery of the Missing Snacks

Lulu: “All right, so it sounds like the next thing we need to do is find Chaplin and the Riddler.”
Batman: “Excellent plan, Dog Wonder! So who is this ‘Chaplin’? Is he a villain with a little mustache and a bowler hat?”
Spicoli: “Close, dude. He’s a cat with a soul patch.”
Batman: “A cat with a soul patch? Diabolical! How will we ever track down such a fiend?”
Charlee: “I’ll just wave this flirt pole around a little.”

Seconds later …

Chaplin: “Is that a new flirt pole?”
Lulu: “Chaplin, we need to find that person you’ve been hanging around with.”
Chaplin: “You mean Ed? I don’t recommend hiring him. He made me watch this super-long movie, then disappeared. He said there would be snacks, but there weren’t. It was all very disappointing.”
Batman: “That’ll teach you to outsource your villainy!”
Chaplin: “Hey, there was a guy in the movie who looked like you, only a lot glummer. I think he wasn’t getting enough fiber.”
Batman: “It’s not easy to eat a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables when you’re constantly battling evil.”

Batman: “Anyway we need to concentrate on finding the Riddler now. And we have to stay vigilant. If he’s here, other villains might be lurking around as well!”
Spicoli: “You mean like ninja hedgehogs?”
Batman: “Ninja hedgehogs? Now that’s just silly.”
Lulu: “All right, everybody, Batman’s right, let’s try to focus. Chaplin, where is Ed now?”
Chaplin: “Beats me. I went down to the secret lair because that’s where he said the snacks were and all I found was a lot of new graffiti on the wall. I hired somebody off Craiglist to clean it up.”

Chaplin: “I know what you’re all thinking but this one has qualifications. He’s an expert in applying and removing paint.”
Spicoli: “Well I’m glad to hear you didn’t just hire some clown this time, dude.”
Chaplin: “Oh he’s a clown all right. That’s why he’s an expert in applying and removing paint.”
Catwoman (offscreen): “Yoink!”

Meanwhile …

Mouse: “‘People called Romanes they go the house’?”
Joker: “It will drive Batman mad when he sees it!”

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