Big Latin

Lulu: “It doesn’t look like that guy you hired did a very good job erasing the graffiti.”
Chaplin: “It’s so hard to find good help these days.”
Spicoli: “Maybe that’s because you hired somebody who ran away from the circus, dude.”
Batman: “It’s one of the Riddler’s riddles! Ed, you evil genius!”
Mouse: “Ed didn’t write this. That clown did.”
Batman: “What clown?”
Mouse: “The clown hiding behind that equipment over there.”
Joker: “Tee-hee!”

Batman: “I don’t see any clown there.”
Mouse: “That’s because he ducked his head down when I pointed him out to you.”
Batman: “Nice try, Mouse, but what’s more likely, that the Riddler wrote that message, or that some invisible clown who only you can see did it?”
Mouse: “He’s not invisible. He’s just hiding.”
Batman: “If he’s hiding and not invisible, why can’t I see him?”
Mouse: “Because you haven’t looked behind the … You know what? Forget it. You’re right. I just made the clown up.”
Charlee: “It’s not just circus folk. That lady I hired didn’t really work out that well either, despite being dressed up like a cat.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Most employers wouldn’t consider ‘Dresses up like a cat’ to be a primary hiring qualification, Charlee.”
Spicoli: “That might depend on what exactly the job is, dude.”

Batman: “I hope that taught you something about trying to fool the World’s Greatest Detective.”
Mouse: “Oh, yes, it totally did. Thank you so much for educating me.”
Batman: “Good. Now then, this graffiti is clearly an autocorrect error that was supposd to say ‘Go and eat donuts’. The Riddler must be at the Krispy Kreme.”
Lulu: “I’ve never heard of autocorrect errors in graffiti before, Batman.”
Batman: “That’s understandable. You’re not up on the latest technology like I am, Dog Wonder.”
Charlee: “The latest technology? The other day you were trying to take a selfie with an analog phone handset.”
Mouse: “Now, Charlee, don’t argue with the World’s Greatest Detective.”
Batman: “Thank you, Mouse. Glad to have you on the team.”

Batman: “To the Batmobile, my furry friends! It’s time to make the donuts!”
Spicoli: “Dudes! Wait! You forgot to ask me what kind of donut I want! I’ll take an apple fritter! And Mr. Nibbles wants a sour cream one!”
Mr. Nibbles: “Mr. Spicoli, I don’t eat donuts.”
Spicoli: “I know, dude. That one is also for me. I just didn’t want to seem greedy.”
Joker: “Nicely played, Mouse. Have you ever considered becoming a supervillain?”
Mouse: “Are you kidding? I have my paws more than full trying to keep this crew out of trouble.”

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