Lulu’s Life Tips: Know When To Run And When To Rest

Hello friendlies! Lulu here with another life tip! This time it’s about knowing when it’s time to take a break. Sure, it’s fun to run run run and play play play, but at some point, you have to stop and take a breath. Especially if you’re playing with humans, who just don’t have the endurance that we dogs do. Here’s an example where I show you how to get your human to pause and rest when he or she might be getting a little tired.

But while you are playing, if you’re having fun, wave your hands in the air ― you can do it, even if you’re a dog and technically haven’t got hands. This is Lulu, rolling over and out!

Chaplin: “It seems more like Dada was giving you the chance to rest than the other way around.”
Lulu: “It’s important to make the humans believe it was their idea to do something. They like to think they’re in charge.”
Charlee: “We’re a little confused. Towards the end, was Dada asking you to pay him for playing with you?”
Lulu: “Pay-to-Play? That would be illegal!”

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