Kream of the Krop

Charlee: “You can’t park here. It’s a handicapped spot.”
Batman: “I’m a grown man who dresses up like a bat and beats up criminals. I’m definitely handicapped.”
Charlee: “I don’t think that’s the kind of ‘handicapped’ they’re talking about.”
Lulu: “Let’s keep driving around until the sign lights up! Then the doughnuts will be fresh!”
Batman: “No time for that, Dog Wonder! We must go inside and confront the Riddler!”
Chaplin: “I can see why Ed would like this place. He’s got a thing for that shade of yellowish grey.”

Batman: “Excuse me, have you seen a man in a green suit wearing a bowler hat?”
Counter Attendant: “What a silly question. Why would a suit be wearing a bowler hat?”

Batman: “No no, the man is wearing the hat, not the suit.”
Counter Attendant: “If a naked man wearing a hat came in, we would refuse to serve him.”

Batman: “No no, he’s wearing a green suit and a hat on his head.”
Counter Attendant: “If he’s wearing a suit and a hat on his head, how could he possibly see?”

Many fruitless exchanges later …

Batman: “In all my years of battling criminals, I’ve never run into such a devious mastermind as that! Hey, where’s my car?”
Chaplin: “You found this guy on Craigslist too, didn’t you?”
Charlee: “Don’t look at me. Lulu hired him.”
Lulu: “Isn’t that the Josie and the Pussycats launch pad over there, suspiciously close to this doughnut shop?”

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