Launchpad McBat

Lulu: “The launch pad is on a truck! No wonder it keeps showing up in different places!”
Chaplin: “That’s no truck. That’s the world’s biggest ‘no’ bottle.”
Charlee: “Yeah, why don’t you two go investigate and report back to us with what you find?”
Chaplin: “If you need us, we’ll be back at the Krispy Kreme napping near the thing that keeps the doughnuts warm.”
Batman: “The cats have finally had enough, Dog Wonder! It’s down to you and me now!”
Lulu: “‘Finally’? I expected them to get bored and leave four or five panels ago.”

Batman: “Getting through that water barrier sure was a harrowing experience, eh, Dog Wonder?”
Lulu: “I’m not sure I’d call it ‘harrowing’, but it was kind of disturbing to see you running around in the fountains with your shirt off shouting ‘Look at me, I’m Aquaman!'”

Lulu: “By the way, isn’t that your car there in the launch pit?”
Batman: “Yes it is! Those fiends! They’re planning to launch the Batmobile into orbit! You know what this means, Dog Wonder?”
Lulu: “Wait wait, don’t tell me, let me guess.”
Batman: “It means Elon Musk is behind this entire thing! It’s all been a ploy to take me out of the billionaires’ club and advance himself another rank forward!”

Lulu: “I don’t know, this seems like an awfully convoluted way to go about that. And why would Elon Musk even want to spend all this time and money just to get rid of you? How does that help him?”
Batman: “You’re so cute and naive, Dog Wonder. Just like poor Sugar Glider. But you have a lot to learn about conspiracies. Now come on, let’s get the Batmobile out of there.”
Lulu: “Might that not be a bit dangerous if it’s about to be launched into orbit?”
Batman: “Never fear, Dog Wonder! Elon made one fatal miscalculation! The rocket engine at the back of the Batmobile is not actually capable of achieving escape velocity.”
Lulu: “Um, okay. But is it capable of, say, exploding?”
Batman: “Now, now, do you really think I would drive around in a car that might explode into a fireball at any time?”
Lulu: “Honestly, I’d be more surprised if you didn’t.”
Batman: “I’ll give you a cookie.”
Lulu: “Throw in a belly rub and you’ve got a deal.”

Batman: “See, I told you there was nothing to worry about. Now I just need to activate the Batjets to propel us out of here …”

Batman: “AAAIIIEEEE!!!”
Lulu: “I’m going to require an extra cookie and a longer belly rub for this.”

Meanwhile …

Chaplin: “Say, isn’t that the Batmobile?”
Charlee: “Yes, it is. He must have parked it illegally again.”

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