All The News That’s Fit To Print

Chaplin: “I guess we have to find out who rented that mysterious launchpad that keeps shooting people into space.”
Charlee: “Seems like it. Say, do you remember what we were originally trying to figure out when this whole thing started?”
Chaplin: “Of course I do. You and Lulu were wrong about something, and I proved it, and then we moved on.”

Charlee: “Oh, right. Well anyway, how are we ever going to track down the person who’s behind all this and get Lulu and that professional wrestler back from orbit?”
Chaplin: “If only we could find something that ties everything together: Maroon 5, Garbage, cat tweets, Josie and the Pussycats, Justin Bieber, SpaceX, commercial rocketry, Batman, and doughnuts.”
Charlee: “Trying to find a common thread in all that mess is going to be a pretty tall order. Even the mouse seems to have lost it, claiming he saw clowns hiding everywhere.”

Just then …

Flying Squirrel: “I’m sorry, but if you cats aren’t going to order something, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”
Chaplin: “Charlee says ‘tall order’ and someone immediately shows up and demands we order something. That can’t be a coincidence.”
Charlee: “Okay, could you bring us out a box about half-full of rainbow sprinkles, please?”
Flying Squirrel: “Sprinkles are only available on doughnuts.”
Charlee: “Are you saying you don’t provide cat-accessible bathrooms?”

Meanwhile, IN SPACE …

Batman: “Look, Dog Wonder! A hyper-advanced alien ship!”
Lulu: “Is this you claiming to be all hip to the latest technology again?”

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