Batman’s Rescue Rangers

Alexandra: “So you’re not aliens who are here to harvest our brains?”
Batman: “No. I’m Batman and this is my sidekick, the Dog Wonder.”
Lulu: “I hired you, remember? How am I the sidekick here?”
Batman: “Now, Dog Wonder, it’s bad form for heroes to quibble about credit in front of the helpless civilians.”

Josie: “And you’re going to get us back to Earth?”
Batman: “Absolutely.”
Alexandra: “How? Are you going to drive us there in your car?”
Batman: “Sure, why not?”
Lulu: “Seriously, I can’t believe what a glory hound that guy is. So anyway, have you heard from Charlee and Chaplin?”
Sebastian: “Who?”
Lulu: “Charlee and Chaplin. The Hipster Kitties. Come on, all you tuxies know each other.”
Sebastian: “Where did you hear that?”
Lulu: “From Charlee and Chaplin.”

Lulu: “So you’re saying that you don’t know Charlee and Chaplin?”
Sebastian: “No. And I’m afraid you really shouldn’t believe everything cats tell you.”
Lulu: “What about you, Shades? Do you know a German Shepherd named Spicoli?”
Alex: “Oh sure. I traded him a bag of chips and a pizza for these sunglasses.”
Lulu: “I knew it!”
Valerie: “Does your car have heat shielding for re-entry?”
Batman: “No.”
Valerie: “Does your car seat more than two people?”
Batman: “No.”
Valerie: “Does your car have a parachute to slow its descent?”
Batman: “I’m going to go with ‘probably’ on that one.”

Lulu: “So what are you supposed to be? Are you some sort of stuffie? Have you got a squeaker?”
Bleep: “Bleep!”
Sebastian: “Oh, yes, he’s totally a stuffie with a squeaker. Grab him and give him a few squeezes and you’ll see.”
Batman: “One out of three isn’t bad, right?”
Valerie: “If it’s your batting average, it’s fine. If you’re trying to return from orbit, it’s terrible.”
Batman: “Let’s refrain from the hurtful ‘bat’ jokes, okay?”

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