The Gravity of the Situation

Bleep: “Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!”
Lulu: “I never had a stuffie that went ‘Bleep’ before. I feel like I’m being sweared at.”
Sebastian: “It’s the latest thing. Fully electronic.”
Valerie: “I have my doubts about this re-entry vehicle.”
Batman: “Don’t worry, Eartha, it’s perfectly safe. It will return your friends to Earth and then come back for us. Meanwhile, could you ladies put your Catwoman ears back on?”

Just then …

Mouse: “Lulu! Help is on the way! Do not attempt to return to Earth in the Batmobile!”
Lulu: “Hi guys! How did you get up here?”
Mouse: “We’re not there. We’re using Trouble’s old hologram projector to communicate.”
Lulu: “Trouble had so many cool gadgets! She must have been like some kind of superhero!”
Mouse: “Uh, yes, that’s exactly what Trouble was like.”
Batman: “You know who else has cool gadgets? This guy right here.”

Batman: “Yeah I’ve got batarangs … bat-skates … a bat-minton set … a bat-baseball bat … a portable CD player in my car …”
Sebastian: “Hey Charlee. Hey Chaplin.”
Lulu: “I thought you said you didn’t know Charlee and Chaplin.”
Sebastian: “I also said not to believe everything a cat tells you.”
Lulu: “That’s true, you did. So, Mouse, what kind of help are you sending?”
Mouse: “Let’s just say I called in a favor from one of Dennis’s old friends.”

Momentarily …

Captain Kirk: “Attention, Josie … and … the Pussycats! This is Captain James … T. … Kirk … Coming to the rescue!”
Batman: “Kirk might have a spaceship, but I have a cave full of bats.”

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