11 thoughts on “Caturday Matinee: Synchronized Swishing

    1. Chaplin: “Oh yes! A lizard got in the house once and I caught it and played with it! It was such fun! But then it stopped running away and Mama collected it so that was disappointing. Then ANOTHER lizard got in the house and I was staking it out from the countertop so I could catch it, but Dada found it and when it tried to run away from him he threw a towel over it and picked it up and carried it outside and let it go, so that was EXTREMELY disappointing. Worse yet, then Dada attached some kind of weather stripping to the bottom of the screen door, and now, no more lizards in the house. Very sad.”
      Charlee: “Where was I while all of this excitement was going on?”
      Chaplin: “I don’t know. Probably taking a nap.”

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  1. Foster: Hey our cousins Maggie and Inky do the same thing when they watch birds!
    Panda: How do you know that, Bro? Have you been looking at Mom’s texts from her sister again?
    Foster: Ummm…


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