Lulu’s Life Tips: Managing Your Coworkers, Part 2

Hello friendlies! Lulu here with part two of my three part series on managing your coworkers! Now, as you may recall, last week I showed you how to get a slacking-off coworker to get up from their desk and play with you. You may also recall that I ran into a little snag where another coworker (also known as Mama) had set up a tripod and camera in the Designated Play Area A with the intention of using it for a video call. Technically this was my fault for failing to check the play area reservation calendar, which would have shown that time had been blocked out for the space to be used for a teleconference. In this sort of situation you have to be adaptable, and so it was off to Designated Play Area B.

Charlee: “Who has designated these as play areas, exactly?”
Lulu: “Me, of course.”
Chaplin: “See, that’s your mistake. The entire house is a designated cat play area, and it doesn’t matter what the humans have going on. We still demand and receive access.”
Lulu: “Really? Because I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you get locked in the bedroom plenty of times so that you don’t interfere with Mama’s online training sessions in Designated Play Area A.”
Chaplin: “You call it ‘locked in the bedroom’. I call it ‘a little “me” time’.”

Now, you may be wondering what makes a room a good Designated Play Area. The two main rules are, it has to have enough space for you to be silly, and it has to have carpeting (or the equivalent) so you don’t slip and fall down. This is why the living room is Designated Play Area A, because it has the largest expanse of open carpet. The bedroom, on the other hand, has very little open carpet space, but it does have the bed, which as previously noted serves as an elevated play platform. An added benefit of the elevated platform is that it makes it easy to wave your paws in your coworker’s face, which is sometimes necessary when their focus starts to drift. This is one way to keep your coworker engaged in entertaining you. Another is to make silly faces at them, and a third is to run in circles around them. In this next video, I demonstrate all of these techniques, plus the time-honored “mouthing of the hand” tradition, which helps to remind your coworker that you have teeth, even though—being a team player—you choose not to use them.

Tune in next week for my final installment, where I convince my coworker we need to go outside and get a little fresh air. This is Lulu, rolling over and out!

Chaplin: “Did this really need to be a three-part series? So far it seems to us like it could have been all a single post, since it’s really just one big long session of Dada entertaining you.”
Charlee: “Yes, it reminds us of like using huge margins and triple line spacing to make your term paper seem longer than it is.”
Lulu: “You try putting 15 minutes of video into one post and see what happens.”
Spicoli: “What do you Hipster dudes know about writing term papers?”
Charlee: “Hey, we’re graduates of SDCC. San Diego Cat College.”

12 thoughts on “Lulu’s Life Tips: Managing Your Coworkers, Part 2

  1. So it seems keepin your co-workier on their knees and off the bed is part of the strategy. It seems that’s where I’ve been going wrong, opening an opportunity for a butt rasperry (that I hate, hate, hate!) XOX Xena


  2. Always check the Play Area Reservation calendar. Contrary to the opinion of all felines on this planet, a whole house is not Cat Domain. Hoomans have to be able to pencil in time in their own properties too you know.

    Lulu, you is such a snuggly fall of energy and fur! You are very kind not to use those teeths on dada, too 😂


  3. Lu, you are a FABulous teacher! I do likes the elevated play area ~ it is the best option to keeps the peeps engaged. I find the paw to the face is a good attention grabber…..just make sure you gots some bandaids for the peeps….😂
    Ruby ♥


  4. Benji will play like that, too…we sure wish that Dalton would…we don’t think he knows how, and he must think we are very threatening if we try those ‘games’. He is much better outside, and he does play like that with Benji…

    You sure had a great time, Lulu!


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