Overheard Around The Back Yard

Mouse: “Why did you guys want to talk to me out here instead of calling a meeting in the conference room?”
Lulu: “We’re concerned that it may become overrun by replicating toupees. Also, we don’t know how to use the calendar program to reserve time in the conference room.”
Mouse: “Well if you ever attended any of my in-services, then you would learn how to … wait, what was that about toupees?”

Charlee: “You remember that thing Vermin was holding in the conference room? Versions of it are popping up all over the house now. You blink and there’s another one.”
Mouse: “Hmm … Sounds like we need to call Vermin out here and ask her where she got it, then.”
Charlee: “She’s not here right now. She’s working her shift at the ninja hedgehog mealworm vats.”

Meanwhile …

Norman #1: “There seem to be more furs than usual in the mealworm gruel. Can’t you make her wear a hairnet?”
Norman #2: “I tried but she hissed at me and called me nasty, and when I said I was going to report her to VR she just fell right over. I thought she was dead, but she got better.”

Back in the yard …

Mouse: “Well, all right, can one of you go in and get me a sample toupee so that I can examine it?”
Charlee: “Do we have to? What if they’re dangerous?”
Mouse: “What makes you think they’re dangerous? Have they threatened you?”
Lulu: “Well they mostly just sit there. But they could just be biding their time until they attack.”

Chaplin: “One weird toupee coming up. I also caught a big lizard if anyone wants to help me play with it.”
Charlee: “I could catch a lizard if I wanted to.”

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