Lulu: “I didn’t know you had an RV. How come we never take it on vacation?”
Mouse: “It’s not an RV, it’s a mobile lab. I borrowed it from my contacts in the government.”
Charlee: “You have contacts in the government?”
Mouse: “Of course. I’m from NIMH, remember?”
Lizard: “Help! Help!”

Lulu: “So what is the mobile lab telling you about this toupee?”
Mouse: “Well for one thing, it has a metabolism, so it’s not a toupee.”
Charlee: “Are you sure? I saw Vermin wearing it on her head when she left earlier.”
Mouse: “Chaplin is wearing a lizard on his head, but that doesn’t make the lizard a hat.”
Lizard: “Help! Help!”

Charlee: “So what have you found out about the toup … uh, the weird round things?”
Mouse: “They’re furry, they purr, they sleep most of the time, they eat anything, and they apparently reproduce by mitosis. A lot.”
Lulu: “So you’re saying they’re cats?”
Charlee: “What? We don’t reproduce by mitosis.”
Lulu: “You don’t? Then why do you and Chapin look virtually identical?”
Charlee: “Well, (a) we don’t look identical, and (b) we’re tuxedo cats from the same litter. Why do you and Trixie look virtually identical?”
Mouse: “All right, settle down you two. Neither dogs nor cats reproduce by mitosis and none of you are clones.”
Lizard: “Help! Help!”

Mouse: “Anyway, according to my calculations, they’ll fill up the house by Friday or so.”
Charlee: “Including all the hammocks on the cat trees?”
Mouse: “Yes, including all the hammocks on the cat trees.”
Charlee: “Egad! How do we stop them?”
Mouse: “For starters, we should get them all in one place. So we need some sort of lure.”
Lizard: “Help! Help!”

Spicoli: “Dude, are you about done playing with my truck? Because I have deliveries to make.”
Lulu: “Your ‘government contact’ is Spicoli?”
Charlee: “I thought you were retired. Why do you still have an official vehicle?”
Spicoli: “What the DEA doesn’t know won’t hurt them.”
Lizard: “Now you’re in trouble! My bodyguard is here!”
Chaplin: “That’s the biggest bird I’ve ever seen.”

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