Overheard Around the House

Lulu: “Where are they going?”
Charlee: “Who cares? The important thing is, they’re out of our cat hammocks.”
Chaplin: “Did you see them cram themselves into that tiny space? Maybe they really were cats.”
Mouse: “I was sort of under the impression you were going to get them to follow you somewhere, not run them off in a self-driving Uber.”
Owen: “That’s not how these pipes work.”
Vermin: “HISSS! Nasty mouse! Somebody owes me a new toupee!”
Spicoli: “Push harder, dude, this hill is wicked steep.
Blue: “If you want me to push harder, I’ll need more SmurfCoin.”

12 thoughts on “Overheard Around the House

  1. Hair is a very distinctive, reputable language often spoken by bobs, mullets, brunettes, bangs and redheads, though many toupees and even moustaches are fluent in Hair across certain parts of America and Europe.

    Did they get a one way ticket outta town or are they coming back as one gigantic mother toupee?


  2. Darn, Mom, you keep forgetting to hit post! AFTER I dictate and you write, you are supposed to hit the POST button and not just back so we can read the newer posts.
    Sorry Marv. Its one of the things that happens when you get old. Do you want to dictate again?
    No, I forgot the clever quip.


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