Beautiful Plumage

Mr. Nibbles: “Friend Charlee, I’ve been finding a lot of large, strange feathers around the house lately.”

Mr. Nibbles: “Under other circumstances, I might think friend Tucker was collecting turkeys again.”
Charlee: “Are the feathers a problem?”

Mr. Nibbles: “Well, they do have a tendency to clog up the vacuum cleaner.”
Charlee: “Anything that stops the vacuum cleaner from running can’t be a bad thing in my book.”

Mr. Nibbles: “Is it possible that someone is deliberately scattering feathers to discourage vacuuming?”
Charlee: “I think it’s just part of a natural process of feather loss.”

Mr. Nibbles: “Natural feather loss? From who? Also, do you feel like you’re being watched?”
Charlee: “Constantly.”

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