I Heard It On The SmurfChain

Mouse: “All right, Producer Smurf, you called this meeting so you have the floor.”
Producer Smurf: “Smurfy! I’m going to smurf the floor to Blockchain Smurf.”

Mouse: “Wait, aren’t you Poet Smurf?”
Blockchain Smurf: “Poetry is smurfed. A smurf has to smurf with the times. Now I smurf SmurfCoins in my ledger. Anyway, I’m here to smurf to you about your Smurf01Ks, which we smurfverted to SmurfCoin last month.”
Lulu: “What’s a Smurf01K?”
Blockchain Smurf: “Those are your retirement plans.”
Chaplin: “Retirement plans? We already sleep all day and get our food brought to us. Why would we retire from that?”

Blockchain Smurf: “Please smurf your questions until the end of the presentation. Now then, some concerns have been smurfed about the tax structure of the SmurfCoin conversion of your Smurf01Ks, and you may have smurfed penalties as a result.”
Charlee: “Penalties for the tax structure of the Smurf01Ks we didn’t know about?”
Blockchain Smurf: “Yes, exactly.”
Chaplin: “This is your fault somehow, isn’t it? Whatever it is?”
Producer Smurf: “Sorry, I’m Producer Smurf, not Accountant Smurf. I smurf no fiduciary responsibility.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Concerns? Raised by who?”

Just then …

Blue: “What’s this? Is this a meeting? I didn’t get an invite. Hey a couple of guys in suits showed up wanting to talk about something called SmurfCoin and Smurf01Ks. I chased them around the house for a while and now they’ve barricaded themselves inside the kitchen cabinets. Ooh, are these chips for all of us to share?”
Spicoli: “Dude. Step away from the Doritos.”

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