Lulu’s Life Tips (With Bonus Lyrics): Know When To Slow ‘Em

Hello friendlies! Lulu here with another life tip! I have a multi-part tip for you this time, but it boils down to this: Know when to go run, know when to slow ’em. Specifically, don’t run in places where you might fall down.

Chaplin: “It must be weird to be an animal for whom falling down is a problem. You should try being a cat. Cats never fall down.”
Charlee: “It’s all about the center of gravity, see? We have a really low one, plus we have counterbalancing tails. You poor dogs just have big long legs and all your tails are good for is wagging.”

Here at our house we have some rooms that are carpeted and some rooms that have floors made out of tile. The floors that are made of tile have a lot of sisal runners on them to provide traction, but still, there are sometimes treacherous stretches of tile on the way from the carpet to the next runner, plus if you hit the runners when you’re moving fast, they still might slip out from under you. Which might make you wonder why the runners are called runners. That’s English for you, I guess. Anyway, it’s prudent to slow down when approaching a carpet-to-runner transition, as illustrated in the following video:

Lulu: “You think cats have a low center of gravity? You think dogs have goofy long legs? Check out this dachshund.”
Dachshund: “Nicht alle hunde haben lange beine, du dumme katzen.”

It’s also prudent to keep a nose out when on the carpet, because you never know what sort of crumbs might be lurking in there from an earlier training session or, you know, a human eating a cookie. And when you find something interesting, even if you can’t eat it, you might be able to roll in it. Which brings me to the bonus lyrics portion of today’s life tip!

Know When To Slow 'Em
On a warm springtime morning
On the carpet in the great room
I was romping with my Funzler
Playing keep away with Dad
There was tugging, there was squeaking
And then there was some throwing
And when I went to chase it
I made sure not to lose my feet

You got to know when to go run
Know when to slow 'em
Know when to walk real slow
'Cuz you'll fall down if you run
You never bring your stuffie
Directly back to Dada
Because he'll just throw it again
And spoil all your fun

Chaplin: “It didn’t look like Dada throwing your Funzler really spoiled all your fun, Lulu.”
Lulu: “That’s because I didn’t bring it right back to him.”
Dachshund: “Goofball-katzen denken, dass sie alles wissen.”
Charlee: “Well, that’s the first time we’ve ever been insulted in German, I think.”

So remember, friendlies: You’ve not only got to know when to slow ’em, you also need to know when to roll ’em! And this is Lulu, rolling over and out!

8 thoughts on “Lulu’s Life Tips (With Bonus Lyrics): Know When To Slow ‘Em

  1. Lulu your playing is skillful and you know what you are doing . . . I’m not surprised the cats have an earful of advice about it though.


  2. Gurl, I learned that lesson LONG ago! I thinks any peep with doggies has the rugs cause they just can’t stand to see us fall on our arses more than once! BOL!!!
    Looks like you found some squirrel snot….or some kitteh snot on the rug ~ always good to roll in it! 🤣
    Ruby ♥


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