Have Thumbs, Will Travel

Spicoli: “So, uh, where are you dudes off to in your Dada’s car?”
Blue: “Don’t ask me, I’m just the driver.”
Charlee: “We’re going to the pet store!”
Lulu: “I’m going to the dog park!”

Spicoli: “Don’t you usually take the Magic Flying Coaster when you dudes go on your little excursions?”
Charlee: “Yes, but since Blue can hold the steering wheel, we asked her to drive us this time.”
Chaplin: “The car has a trunk, so we can load it up with more stuff.”
Lulu: “I’m going to invite all the other dogs into the car and Blue will take us joyriding!”
Spicoli: “Blue, where did you learn how to drive?”
Blue: “From watching TV. But humans do it all the time, so it can’t be much harder than opening a door or unscrewing a jar, right?”
Spicoli: “I think there’s a little more to driving than just having thumbs, dude. That time Lulu and I had the NASCAR car, we racked up all kinds of moving violations and ended up inside a mall. We were lucky Paul Blart stole the car from us when he did.”

Meanwhile …

Paul Blart, Mall Cop: “I’m telling you, it wasn’t me! The car was being driven at that point by a couple of dogs!”
Guard: “Save it for the judge, Blart.”
Bugs Bunny: “What a maroon.”

Back at the house …

Blue: “This isn’t a NASCAR car, it’s a Subaru. Completely different. It has all-wheel drive.”
Chaplin: “Come on, let’s go! The catnip isn’t going to buy itself!”
Charlee: “Blue can also hold credit cards, you know!”
Lulu: “We’ll have all the windows open! It’s going to be off the hook!”

Charlee: “Bye, Spicoli! We’ll bring you back a Puppaccino or something!”
Lulu: “Hey, let’s open the hatchback. We’ll get even more airflow through the cabin then!”
Vermin: “HISSS! Nice try, nasty stoner dog! But at least that weird giant bird probably won’t drive any worse than a nasty human!”
Spicoli: “That’s what I’m afraid of, dude.”

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