Drive It Like You Stole It

Blue: “Don’t any of you people understand how merging works?!”

Blue: “The left lane isn’t for sightseeing, buddy!”

Blue: “Where are you people all going?! Why don’t you stay home?!?!”

Blue: “Pick a lane!”
Chaplin: “Lulu, you’ve been in the car more than we have. Is it usually like this?”
Lulu: “Pretty much, yes.”

12 thoughts on “Drive It Like You Stole It

  1. Mew mew mew who iss drivin THE car?? THE last foto made LadyMew *howl* with lafftur… youss know why?? Well her PawPaw was losin his eye site an when hee wuud drive LadyMew home from Tempell or his place hee wuud have car half inn 1 lane & half inn other lane!!! It was sad hee was losin his site butt hee-lareeuss when shee wuud tell him to “Pick a Lane PawPaw!” an hee wuud reeply “Mee DID pick a land Dott-her!”
    It seemss Life immytatess art an art immytatess Life rite Blue an Chaplin an Lulu???
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma


  2. Yikes, that kind of traffic is not fun…we have that in the Toronto area where I grew up, and its even way worse in the DC area where hubby comes from. I’ll drive in Toronto, but not in DC, LOL!

    LA seems horrible too…

    Drive carefully Blue! Your ‘cargo’ is counting on it!


  3. In the town where our mom grew up there were no stoplights either, until years after she moved away. Now it still only has the one. But it has a left turn arrow so they feel special, LOL. She says that’s why she doesn’t like taking the freeway here in Fresno, and you can forget LA!
    🐱🐼Foster and Panda


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