Decisions, Decisions

Lulu: “Okay, we got some chew blocks for Mr. Nibbles and a bag of timothy grass for Spicoli, but they’re out of mealworms. Do you think Vermin would like some crickets instead?”
Chaplin: “She’ll probably complain about having to pick their little legs out of her teeth. But so what?”
Blue: “The little tiny insects you have these days are so cute. We used to have dragonflies with two foot wingspans and millipedes nine feet long.”
Charlee: “Oooh, giant bugs! So much fun to stare at … No, wait, that sounds a little scary, actually.”

Chaplin: “What’s that green stuff? Are they vegetables? No vegetables!”
Charlee: “Is this even safe? The buffet has woefully inadequate sneeze guards.”
Lulu: “For $5.99, do you get enough for EVERY animal in the pound? Because I don’t want any of them to not get a treat.”
Blue: “My thumbs are getting tired.”

Lulu: “Oh just keep tapping $10 a bunch of times. I’m sure Dada won’t mind.”

Blue: “All right, now can we go to the food court?”
Lulu: “Isn’t this where we left Dada’s car?”

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