Lulu’s Big Adventure, Part 2: Got Peemail?

Hello friendlies! Lulu here with Part 2 of my adventure from a couple of weeks ago, where I spent the entire day at the harbor!

The harbor looks a little crooked. This is because of the curvature of the Earth.

Spoiler alert: It was awesome! Although I did have to spend a few minutes with my harness latched onto the seatbelt waiting for Dada to put on his giant hat and stuff.

When Dada finally did let me out of the car, I had some trouble deciding which peemail server to check first. There are so many, and it had been so long since I checked peemail!

Peemail to the left of me. Peemail to the right of me.

Well, maybe it’s a little stereotypical of me, but of course I had to start with a tree.

Wait! There’s more peemail over there!

In case you were wondering how a peemail client gets from one server to another, it’s a pretty simple implementation of TCP/IP. That’s an acronym for “The Canine Pee Inspection Protocol” and basically it involves the peemail client—that is, me—walking from one peemail server to another.

TCP/IP in action

There are many kinds of peemail servers. I already showed you the trees, which are big and obvious, but there can be peemail servers hidden anywhere, really. They can be installed in the grass:

They can be installed in the bushes:

They can even be installed on blacktop:

All right, so technically that last one was a poomail server and it’s hosting messages from the squawky sea birds that live in the trees around the parking lot. And maybe technically I was hacking their poomail server. But let this be a lesson to us all that neither peemail nor poomail is really secure. You never know who might come along and read it.

We walked around the harbor for a long time, while Dada kept an eye on a picnic table in the shade where somebody had been sitting the whole time, sort of like, according to Dada, the way people sit down with their laptops at Starbucks for hours and use it as their office on account of the wi-fi. But finally that person left and the picnic table became open.

Of course, before I could let Dada sit down in the shade, I had to inspect the surrounding hedge first to see if there was any peemail I had missed the first few times I went by.

This was also a good vantage point for observing suspicious goings-on along the dock.

That one boat looks an awful lot like a bicycle.

We stayed in the shade for a little while and Dada sat and read his book and rested up. I didn’t need to rest, of course. I was still ready to go. But since Dada wanted to take a break from walking I figured I would humor him.

Eventually we left the harbor and went to a Mexican drive-thru that Dada says has good burritos. I couldn’t say, because I didn’t get to try any of it. Dada claims it’s because I wouldn’t like the hot sauce, but how would he know? Anyway I’m sure he could have broken off a little piece of it for me, but noooo. Instead of taking the burrito back to the harbor, we went up to a park called Buddy Todd up on top of a nearby hill, where we found another picnic table in the shade, Dada of course being pathologically averse to sunlight. While we were there Dada got a text that he could come back to the house and start plugging in all the equipment again, so after finishing the burrito—of which, just to reiterate, I got none—we headed back to the car. Along the way, though, I spotted something.

There’s something in the … well, I guess we can call it grass … up ahead!

What I found was an entire fresh roll of doggy poop bags, in the middle of the empty field, just blowing around in the wind! Now, according to dada, several years ago, at this very same Buddy Todd park, some miscreant stole a roll of poop bags that were in a poop bag pouch belonging to my brother Tucker (who I never met), which Mama had left with the blankets where she and Dada and Tucker and Trixie (who I also never met) had been sitting; and so, it seems, on this visit to Buddy Todd, the universe had decided to even things up and return a roll of poop bags to us. Karma!

From Buddy Todd park we returned to the house, and while Dada set about getting the power back on to everything, I went to lay down and process all the peemail I had downloaded and think about fate, the universe, and the Circle of Life as it relates to poop bags.

So there you have it: My big adventure downloading peemail, finding poop bags, and not getting to try any of Dada’s burrito, while the termites got poisoned and electrocuted inside the walls and rafters of our house. I have to say it was a good day. Well, maybe not for the termites … Anyway, this is Lulu, wishing for the wind to bring you good things as well, and rolling over and out!

11 thoughts on “Lulu’s Big Adventure, Part 2: Got Peemail?

  1. Sounds like a very good day of succesfully implementing the TCP/IP protocol to download oodles of peemail. I’m glad dada got to enjoy his burrito too, and you got yourself some new poop bags. Win win. It’s awful someone actually stole Tucker’s poop bags years ago. Who would do something like that? Karma works in mysterious ways – I hope that particular criminal has stepped in lots of fresh dog poop ever since!


  2. What a super-fun day at the harbor, drive thru, and park. That is a LOT of peemail. No wonder you were exhausted – I mean, just shutting your eyes for a minute. Finding a roll of poop bags is a real lucky jackpot. Stealing a roll of poop bags is beyond rude!

    Love and licks,


  3. That was some peeMail checking adventure Lulu and I’m glad you and your Dada had fun. Happy Father’s Day to your very special Dad and to Father’s everywhere!


  4. EEKKKK!!! Termites?!?!? They are nasty littel buggiess! Mee hopess they all got zapped to Termite Ab-biss fore guud!
    It was a furry guud day fore you an PawPaw Mistur James tho’.
    So much peemail to reed. An then to find poomail…mee thinkss it iss birdie SPAM 😉
    An Karma DID werk fore you to find a mew roll of poo baggiess! Pawtastick!
    *Hot* sauce iss UCKY Lulu…trust mee! But a peece of soft burrito wuud have been nice….butt our Hu’manss are furry viggylante wee not eat anythin ‘wrong’…
    Happy PawPaw Day Mistur James
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew


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