Dawg, Where’s My Car?

Lulu: “How are we going to get to the dog park without a car? How are we going to get home?”
Blue: “While we’re thinking about it, we can just walk to the food court. It’s right over there.”

Lulu: “Remember when Charlee asked you if the food court was a daycare and you said you didn’t understand the question?”
Blue: “Of course.”
Lulu: “Well, that’s a daycare.”

Blue: “So you’re saying you’re not hungry?”
Lulu: “All right, let’s try this again …”
Chaplin: “This one’s a Subaru too. Maybe we can just take it and Dada won’t notice.”
Charlee: “If you think Dada’s not going to notice that his car isn’t orange anymore, you’re probably wrong.”

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