Coming Soon

Charlee: “What do you suppose happened to Dada’s car?”
Chaplin: “Maybe it drove itself home. Don’t cars drive themselves places these days?”
Blue’s Phone: “BEEP! Your ride will arrive in five minutes.”

Chaplin: “Look at this sign. Mermaids coming soon. This is a weird place to build a mermaid enclosure, don’t you think?”
Charlee: “Yeah, seems like something they would put in Sea World rather than on a street corner.”
Blue’s Phone: “BEEP! Your ride will arrive in two minutes.”

Lulu: “That’s not a sign for a mermaid enclosure, it’s for a place that sells coffee. I’ve been at the drive-thru with Dada before.”
Chaplin: “What do mermaids have to do with coffee?”
Lulu: “I don’t know. What do clowns have to do with hamburgers?”
Chaplin: “Fair enough.”
Blue’s Phone: “BEEP! Your ride has arrived.”
Blue: “Ooh, will we all fit in this car? You don’t mind if I sit right next to you, right?”

Blue’s Phone: “BEEP! Your ride is afraid of you.”
Blue: “Hey! Buddy! That’s not the way you get a five-star rating!”
Lulu: “I didn’t think it was possible to burn rubber in a Smart Car.”

Lulu: “Now what do we do? Can you call us a different car?”
Blue: “No, I suddenly got banned from the app! But hey, that driver said I have scary sharp teeth and giant talons! Aww, what a nice review. I’ll give him five stars after all.”

Just then …

Forklift Operator: “Hey! Animals! Make way for the mermaid!”
Chaplin: “And once again we see that cats are smarter than dogs.”

10 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. MOL/LOL Oh Lulu that Murrmaid sure sirprized you didn’t shee?? An Charlee an Chaplin youss’ sure know neet stuff.
    Umm Blue you mite need to put a sweatur on..peppell are nervuss of Poochiess like you! 😉
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ❤ LadyMew


  2. I guess dogs are smarter than humans because I never realized that was a mermaid on the Starbucks cups. 🙂


  3. Blue, I thinks you needs a disguise ~ it’ll be easier to gets a ride! BOL!!
    Um….Hipsters ~ I don’t thinks kittehs are smarter than us puppers… just gots lucky!
    Yeah, I’m with Cinnamon, you needs to do a rescue! I thinks she’s in a Brittney Spears situation!
    Ruby ♥


  4. All I can say is – I’m on Blue’s side. His scary sharp teeth and giant talons are awesome!

    (This is a cover story so as I don’t have to enter the kitty versus doggy thingy….. 😉 😉 )


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