The Secret Menu

Drive-Thru Employee: “Bzzt bzzt to In-n-Out Burger bzzt bzzt bzzt What can we get for you?”
Lulu: “A pallet of animal-style burgers and fries, please.”

Drive-Thru Employee: “Bzzt bzzt sauce packets?”
Lulu: “Sure, we’ll take extra sauce packets.”

Drive-Thru Employee: “Bzzt bzzt bzztverages?”
Lulu: “Just water. In a bowl, if you have one.”
Chaplin: “No no, we want milk shakes.”
Charlee: “Moth-flavored, if you have it. Otherwise, vanilla.”
Lulu: “They can’t possibly have moth-flavored milkshakes.”
Chaplin: “You don’t know that. It could be on the secret menu.”

Drive-Thru Employee: “Bzzzthing else?”
Lulu: “That’s all, thank you.”

Cashier: “That’ll be $572.94 please.”
Blue: “Do you take SmurfCoin?”

Later …

Blue: “What kind of rinky-dink operation doesn’t accept SmurfCoin?”
Chaplin: “All I know is these shakes taste exactly like moths. They even got the powdery wing texture right.”
Blue: “See, I knew I should have asked if they had kids on the secret menu.”
Lulu: “I really don’t think they do.”

12 thoughts on “The Secret Menu

  1. Mew mew mew youss’ are so heelareeus!! Blue may mee give you a tip: Do not try to eat Hu’manss kittss! They get REELLY FURRY UPSET…..
    Stick to Burgurss!! 😉
    **purrss** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew*

    * From LadyMew “Hey who doesn’t want to {{hug}} a Velociraptor?”


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