10 thoughts on “Caturday Matinee: Yeah You’d Better Stay Out There

    1. Charlee: “Oh we know who that dog is. That’s Shadow. He lives right next door but he likes to come to our yard and lie down in the shady spot among the lilies. Dennis used to call him ‘The Misteeryus Fetch Observer’.”
      Chaplin: “I bet if I weren’t keeping an eye out though he would come right up and open the door and come in the house.”
      Charlee: “Uh-huh.”

      in sertch of … the misteeryus fetch observer

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  1. Boy oh boy! Lucky that dog didn’t come any closer. You would have… and then you would have… and then… Yeah; lucky dog!!!
    However, Chaplin, I’m a bit concerned for the flowers. Was he eating them?


    1. Chaplin: “No, he leaves peemail in them for Lulu. And also he has a spot in there where he dug himself a hole to lie in. Can you believe it?!”
      Lulu: “I check the peemail every time I go out. It’s mostly just neighborhood gossip.”

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