Word on the Street

Blue: “No fair escaping downhill!”

Lulu: “So how did it go with catching the kids on the bikes?”
Blue: “Not great. Turns out bikes are pretty fast. Especially when they cheat and take advantage of gravity.”

Chaplin: “Well, we have some good news. We took a vote and you can stick around if you want to.”
Blue: “You took a vote on that? Was it unanimous?”
Charlee: “It was, uh, mostly unanimous.”
Blue: “‘Mostly’ unanimous? Who voted against it?”
Lulu: “We filled out secret ballots and then counted them, so we don’t know who voted for what.”
Blue: “How did you fill out secret ballots when I’m the only one with thumbs?”
Charlee: “The smurf has thumbs too, they’re just little tiny ones.”
Blue: “Oh, so it was the smurf who voted against me? I bet it’s because he wants to be the only one with thumbs.”
Lulu: “We don’t know if it was the smurf or not.”
Chaplin (talking over Lulu): “Yeah it was totally the smurf. You should go ask him what his problem is. By the way, I hear smurfs taste like blueberries.”

Blue: “You guys do remember I was in ‘Jurassic Park’, right? Just saying. They at least had catering on that gig.”
Lulu: “Spicoli always has Doritos and he’s usually willing to share. So what do you say?”
Blue: “Yeah all right.”

Lulu: “Great! I’ll let everyone know! They’ll be happy to hear it.”
Chaplin: “Except the smurf. Who tastes like blueberries and can apparently be used to make gold, if you’re into that.”

Sky Turtle: “Welcome to the wonderful world of ‘minor supporting character’.”
Blue: “Hey, one dinosaur to another, is this job going to help my career? Also, when you were floating around up there, did you happen to see where the kids on the bikes went?”

7 thoughts on “Word on the Street

    1. Chaplin: “WordPress has been a very bad boy lately.”
      Charlee: “Dada says they broke their own desktop app months ago, and have released a bunch of updates, and it STILL doesn’t work properly.”
      Lulu: “Sounds like they are doing about as well with maintaining their feeds!”

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