Steve Who?

Charlee: “This is the worst-organized store I’ve ever seen.”
Lulu: “Are you sure this is Pier One?”
GPS: “BING! Of course I’m sure. I’m connected to satellites and stuff.”
Seagull: “What about bits of bread? Have you got any bits of bread?”
Chaplin: “Do I look like I would have bits of bread?”
Seagull: “Everyone looks like they would have bits of bread.”

Sailor: “Are you the new crew members?”
Lulu: “Crew members?”
Sailor: “Yes, we’ve been looking for a stevedore to run our forklift, and some cats to help with our rodent problem.”
Charlee: “Ooh! I can help with your rodent problem! Just don’t tell the mouse or Mr. Nibbles.”
Lulu: “I don’t think I know anyone named Steve Dorr, but as you can see, I do have a forklift.”
GPS: “BING! The next pier is Pier Two. Then there’s Pier Three.”
Seagull: “What about chips? You must have chips.”
Chaplin: “I don’t have chips, but I know who does.”
Seagull: “Who? Who? Tell me tell me tell me!”

Chaplin: “His name is Spicoli. Here’s his contact information.”
Seagull: “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
GPS: “BING! I can also recite ‘Peer Gynt’ if you want me to.”
Sailor: “Finally! All right, dog with the forklift, get started rearranging these shipping containers so the ship doesn’t roll over. Cat, the last place the rodent was spotted was up in the crow’s nest. Good luck, you’ll need it.”
Charlee: “Oooh! I get to climb up to a nest? This just gets better and better!”
Lulu: “Why don’t you want the ship to roll over? Rolling over is how you get a belly rub.”
Cockatoo: “Everybody’s a comedian.”

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