Can You Dig It?

Lulu: “You’ve got some pretty weird stuff aboard this container ship.”
Sailor: “Yeah, we pick up things from all over the place.”
Lulu: “I don’t suppose you have any patio furniture made out of meat?”
Sailor: “Hmm, let me check the manifest.”

Sailor: “Looks like we actually do have patio furniture. It’s in container #197436.”
Lulu: “Is it made of meat?”
Sailor: “Doesn’t say what it’s made of. You would have to open the container and check, and it’s at the bottom of the container pile. You’d really have to dig to get to it.”
Lulu: “Dig, you say … ?”

Bugs Bunny: “Say, Doc, isn’t that your dog friend digging on top of the shipping containers?”
Charlee: “Yes, it is. She must think there’s a gopher down there. Hey, wait, they hired me to take care of the shipboard rodent problem! Let’s go see what she’s up to.”

Charlee: “Lulu, why are you trying to dig through that shipping container?”
Lulu: “That sailor told me they had patio furniture that might be made of meat. He said I would have to dig in order to find it, but this metal stuff is pretty tough.”
Bugs Bunny: “You’re going about this all wrong, Doc! You need something stronger than your paws if you want to get through that shipping container! Fortunately, I have just the thing!”

Not long thereafter …

Bugs Bunny: “We just need you to burrow down to … What was that container number again, Doc?”
Lulu: “197436.”
Tasmanian Devil: (speaking gibberish)
Charlee: “Should this worry us? I feel like this should worry us.”

7 thoughts on “Can You Dig It?

  1. Oh MY!! That TD might be the answer you need to dig…but, well, he might want the coveted prize as well…

    Liked by 1 person

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