Down the Wabbit Hole

Lulu: “I’ll be pretty impressed if he can pull this off. I’m a good digger—you should see all the holes in my back yard—but I couldn’t even make a dent in these storage containers.”
Tasmanian Devil: (speaking gibberish)
Charlee: “What is he saying, exactly? Because I get the impression it’s something to do with eating us.”
Bugs Bunny: “Ehh, who can tell, Doc? But you’re not wrong, he would totally eat us all. That’s why I need the wi-fi password, so I can order him some Door Dash before he gets hangry.”
Charlee: “This is him not being hangry?!”

Lulu: “Okay, I’m impressed. Hey, do you think he could teach me how to do that? The gophers will never know what hit them!”
Tasmanian Devil: (speaking gibberish)
Bugs Bunny: “I dunno, Doc, he’s not exactly the professorial type. Plus he only speaks gibberish. But, I mean, you could try hiring him as a tutor and see how it goes.”
Charlee: “Lulu, don’t you think one crazy lunatic boy in the house is enough?”
Lulu: “Oh come on. Dada isn’t that bad.”
Charlee: “I’m talking about Chaplin!”

Just then …

Lulu: “What was that? That was really loud.”
Charlee: “Is it my imagination or did the ship just lurch a little bit?”

Moments later …

Charlee: “Aaaack! Water! Get it away from me!”
Bugs Bunny: “There’s your patio furniture, Doc.”
Lulu: “Bummer. It’s not made of meat.”

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