Sea Legs

Chaplin: “Can you explain this wi-fi password concept to us one more time?”
Captain Yosemite Sam: “I already illustrated it for you varmints with Ritz crackers, pieces of biscotti, potato chips, and a charcuterie plate! You’re just incapable of understanding it!”
Seagull: “Once more! Just once more! Maybe with rice cakes! With rice cakes!”
Chaplin: “Eww, no, not with rice cakes.”
Seagull: “Did I say rice cakes? I meant French fries! French fries! French fries!”

Captain Yosemite Sam: “Fine. But if these French fries disappear, you varmints are walking the plank! Got it?”
Seagull: “Got it! Got it! Got it!”
Chaplin: “Wait, what does ‘walking the plank’ mean? Is it like walking on a bridge on my cat tree?”

Captain Yosemite Sam: “What kind of varmint doesn’t know what walking the plank means? It means I throw you in the harbor! You don’t want to get thrown in the harbor, do you, varmint?”
Chaplin: “That sounds like it would involve getting wet. So no.”
Seagull: “It’s fine! When you get to the edge of the plank, just fly away! Fly away!”

Chaplin: “Just fly away, huh? That’s easy for you to say. You have wings.”
Seagull: “Wings! Oh yes! Wings! Next, explain wi-fi to us using chicken wings!”
Chaplin: “Chicken wings? What are you, some kind of cannibal?”
Seagull: “Of course I am! Of course! I’m a seagull! I eat anything!”
Captain Yosemite Sam: “Listen, you varmints, I’ve had about enough of this! What say we skip the French fry lesson and the chicken wing lesson and just go right to walking the plank?”
Seagull: “You can’t make us walk the plank! We’re already underwater!”

Spongebob Squarepants: “Squeegee your windows?”
Captain Yosemite Sam: “No, consarn it, I do not need you to squeegee my windows!”
Chaplin: “I don’t think we’re getting chicken wings. But if we play our cards right, we might get crab legs.”

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