Water Rescue

Lulu: “Psst! Chaplin! We’re here to rescue you!”
Chaplin: “Rescue me? I don’t need to be rescued. I’m scamming all kinds of free food down here.”
Charlee: “But the ship is mostly underwater. If the windows in that room start to leak, you might get wet.”
Seagull: “What’s wrong with water? I love water! Love it! Love it!”
Captain Yosemite Sam: “Sinking while at the pier in the harbor! Consarn it! I’m never going to live this one down!”

Chaplin: “Wet?! I don’t want to get wet! Even I can’t jump all the way to the ceiling, though. Did you bring a rope or something I can climb?”
Lulu: “Sorry, I must have left my rope in my other fur.”
Charlee: “Come on, Chaplin. I could make that jump. Surely you can, too.”
Seagull: “Jumping? Jumping is for sad sacks who don’t have wings!”
Captain Yosemite Sam: “Come on, sam, think! What can you do about this?”

Chaplin: “Cowabunga!”
Charlee: “That’s the spirit, Chaplin!”
Seagull: “See? If you have wings you can escape any situation! Any situation!”
Captain Yosemite Sam: “I have to find some other varmint to blame this on.”

Captain Yosemite Sam: “I know! I’ll promote that cat to captain, then hightail it out of here! Heh heh heh heh heh!”
Bugs Bunny: “Good jumping, Doc! Now come on, let’s get out of here before that maroon turns around!”
Tasmanian Devil: “Seagull tastes like chicken.”

Captain Yosemite Sam: “Consarn it!”
Tasmanian Devil: “* BURP *”
Chaplin: “Oh hey, by the way, I have the wi-fi password if anyone needs it.”

Soon …

Bugs Bunny: “Buena ventura! Arrivacaderci! Don’t forget to write!”
Lulu: “All right, GPS, we’re ready to head home now.”
GPS: “BING! Please fly to highlighted route. Preferably before the authorities arrive.”
Charlee: “Well, we didn’t get the patio furniture, but at least there were no major disasters this time.”
Chaplin: “Yep. Hey, did anyone see where my new pet seagull went?”

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