Your Feedback Has Been Submitted

Chaplin: “What are you two looking at?”
Lulu: “Apparently someone scuttled a container ship in the Port of San Diego and it’s causing all kinds of trade problems.”
Chaplin: “The Port of San Diego? Isn’t that where we just were?”
Charlee: “No. Repeat after me: We were at Pier 1 shopping for patio furniture.”

iPad: “BOOP! You have received a new blog feedback form submission.”
Lulu: “Wait, what? We have a blog feedback form?”
Charlee: “I guess we must!”
Lulu: “Huh. Too bad nobody ever uses it to like tell us we have a million dollars waiting in an unused bank account or something.”
Chaplin: “Remind us some time to show you Dennis’s old collection of emails from Nigerian princes and corrupt lawyers and whatnot.”
Charlee: “Well don’t leave us in suspense. Read the feedback to us!”

* Dada’s note: This is actual feedback that was received on the blog earlier this week.

Feedback note: “I’m pretty sure you misspelled the word ‘faymus’ on your site. You might want to check out a site like or which have helped me with problems like this in the past.”

Chaplin: “Well that’s disappointing. I was hoping maybe a tuna company was going to offer us a sponsorship or something.”
Charlee: “Wow. ‘Faymus’? That’s the only word he is ‘pretty sure’ Dennis misspelled?”
Lulu: “Hmm, I guess it can’t hurt to run the old blog posts through these spell check sites and see what happens …”

Later …

Chaplin: “Now what are you two looking at?”
Lulu: “Apparently the entire Internet has ground to a halt because so much bandwidth is being used by SpellRadar and SiteCheck while they’re trying to spell check a web site.”
Chaplin: “SpellRadar and SiteCheck? Aren’t they where you just submitted Dennis’s old posts like that feedback suggested?”
Charlee: “No. Repeat after me: Feedback form? What feedback form? We don’t have any feedback form.”

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